vaccine-free vacation

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Even people who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona for very different and understandable reasons should have the opportunity to spend a relaxing vacation. It is therefore quite possible to go on a vaccine-free vacation, but the entry regulations of the desired vacation country in the European Union or worldwide must be observed […]

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vaccine free work

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Non-vaccinated employees have to observe a number of things, but should not feel restricted or otherwise discriminated against in the workplace. Vaccine-free work is therefore an issue in Germany, but also within the countries of the European Union, which also concerns works councils and, of course, employers. The latter are particularly required to understand and […]

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work vaccine free

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Anyone who is critical of the Corona vaccination or of the subject of vaccination in general, for very different reasons, should also consider this from the point of view of employers and employees. Especially in the working world, it is important for people who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona for various reasons […]

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Not only since the Corona pandemic, many people ask themselves why a good life can also be possible without vaccinations. It is also often discussed whether so-called vaccination opponents or vaccination critics should be generally disadvantaged compared to vaccinated persons. However, there is a lot to be said for not discriminating against the unvaccinated, but […]

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live vaccine free

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Everyone perceives the meaning of living vaccine-free differently. All individuals from different countries and cultures all over the world always use their individual past experiences. So the meaning of life is different for everyone. Vaccine-free life is a necessity, it is much more than what you see and understand. Vaccine-free life – without tiring yourself […]

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travel vaccine free

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Vaccine-free travel will show you how small the world is, and it will also help you expand your inner world. Because every person you know, every city you see, will be with you when you leave. On your way home, you will find that you put much more than your belongings in your bag when […]

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