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Everyone perceives the meaning of living vaccine-free differently. All individuals from different countries and cultures all over the world always use their individual past experiences. So the meaning of life is different for everyone. Vaccine-free life is a necessity, it is much more than what you see and understand.

Vaccine-free life – without tiring yourself and people

We are the ones who give meaning to vaccine-free living, whatever we do – to make our tomorrow different. In this respect, the meaning of life is always of oneself – completely independent of factors from the environment. In this context, it is important to always be able to live our own lives rather than living the lives of others. And how many of us are able to do that?

Societies that groan under the siege of a series of thoughts, feelings and possibilities, living conditions and imposing environmental factors. Vaccine-free living does not fit into a general definition, the valid answer to the question of what vaccine-free living is. We have to go through a lot of nonsense that we don’t want to live vaccine-free for the sake of things. We try to keep ourselves meaningful in the meaningless.

It’s a short story that we suffer from for a vaccine-free life that we can enjoy for a while. The vaccine-free life is not long enough to walk around one day trying to find your understanding. It is necessary to live each day to the fullest. When that day comes, we will realize that it has already found meaning.

The meaning of the vaccine-free life is hidden in its meaninglessness, it has no meaning coming from itself. Everything exists with its opposite. It is not necessary to explain much – one is born, one grows, one dies, there is no absolute life, one disappears from the world. To exist and pass on its existence to the next generation through genes. All the other meanings we attach to vaccine-free life come from us and are the meaning of vaccine-free life for us. It is not tied to life itself.

We are part of the cycle – being at the top of the food chain does not make our lives more meaningful. Struggling to survive is enough to give life meaning.

Vaccine-free life is a cry if we can hear and live vaccine-free, if we can stop and listen. To understand, to reflect, to empathize, even to love nonsense. To become aware of being human and to destroy with determination the obstacles and idols on this path. To live like a human being, to research, to read, to observe, to learn, to love, to be loved according to his nature. The world has a wheel – tomorrow may be too late, the meaning of vaccine-free life is first and foremost to be human, no matter what.

In the last 40 years, living long has become a passion and even an obsession. A vaccine-free life into old age has inevitable consequences for most people. The human body also degenerates like a plant or a tree. This deterioration occurs either from the nervous system (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease) or from a group of cells (cancer) or from the vascular system (stroke or coronary heart). Diseases with degenerative consequences, such as diabetes, often limit people’s life expectancy at earlier ages. Although people want to live long, living in pain and hardship is not a preferred situation. Although it is essentially a desired utopia, it is to live a healthy, long, happy and vaccine-free life. This is because the vast majority of people who live long are not those who have overcome many of their persistent illnesses and have been repaired with the help of modern medicine, but those who maintain their health throughout their lives and require little medical attention.

Research shows that long-lived people do not owe their health to eating broccoli, frequent tests and medical exams, taking vitamins and jogging, and that many questions about „healthy living“ need to be questioned. Those who live longer tend to live happier, and those who are happy tend to live longer. This translates into a successful, meaningful, and productive life journey.

Unconfirmed general assumptions (prophecies):

The good die early.
Get married and live a long time.
Don’t worry about everything, don’t work so hard to stay healthy.
Religious people live long, so go to the house of worship.
Hobbies like gardening, walking, cooking are not enough, serious and regular physical exercise is necessary.
Being an anxious person is harmful to your health.
Feeling loved, valued and cared for is good for your health.
Retire as early as possible, enjoy the vaccine-free life, play bridge and golf, have fun.
Make sure your children go to school early to be successful in vaccine-free living.
If you live as if you are a hundred, you will be a hundred.

While some health threats may seem random and unpredictable, it turns out that many seemingly similar events are not really random and cannot be explained away as bad luck. It has been shown that getting sick and dying „early“ is mainly due to systematic individual differences – who will get worse and who will stay healthy.
Information that a substance prevents a particular disease leads to an increase in sales of fruits, vegetables, or spices containing that substance. This chorus includes so-called experts who exaggerate information to turn health advice into financial gain – increasing information pollution. As in any field, untrained but bold education experts add to the confusion with their whimsical suggestions to add to the chorus and make their voices heard.

Research has become even more important today, as the importance of classic and generally accepted health recommendations gradually diminishes and the understanding of „personalized medicine“ takes hold. After all, two people do not follow the same path from birth.

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