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Anyone who is critical of the Corona vaccination or of the subject of vaccination in general, for very different reasons, should also consider this from the point of view of employers and employees. Especially in the working world, it is important for people who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona for various reasons to be able to work vaccine-free. The legal regulations in force in the individual states of the European Union must be observed. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly affirmed that. Employees should not allow themselves to be put under unnecessary pressure, even by their superiors, because the law is on their side.

Working vaccine-free will be possible in the future, even if the demands, the pressure but also the exclusion of unvaccinated employees will probably continue to increase. Those who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona for very different motives should not do so for their employer for good reasons. This is because there is no benefit to going against one’s personal convictions and no employee should be forced to be vaccinated, either by their employer or by the state. People who do not want to be vaccinated for good and understandable reasons should, however, always be prepared for appropriate discussions and be able to convince with their own arguments. A possible vaccination obligation is part of the political will formation and neither the federation nor the individual Lands of the Federal Republic intend such a project at present. Nevertheless Impfunwillige are put further under pressure, for example by the fact that. Rapid tests are paid for out of pocket.

Discussions about the topic of Corona vaccination also occur again and again in the workplace, especially with superiors. Employees who want to work vaccine-free, regardless of the industry, should openly communicate this to their superiors. Often, corresponding employees are also surprised that the topic definitely meets with a positive response and even acceptance, but this is of course not the case in every company. Also superiors are sometimes put under pressure by the company management or induced to make a vaccination somehow palatable to employees. It can also happen that employers want to talk to their employees about a possible vaccination against Corona. However, contrary to claims to the contrary, employers cannot mandate or force vaccination,

an employer may also face restrictions or even dismissal simply because an employee does not want to be vaccinated, so the affected employees should contact the works council or seek legal advice as soon as possible. Any kind of coercion in connection with vaccination overrides an employer’s so-called right of direction. Above all, such unauthorized action disproportionately interferes with an employee’s fundamental right to physical integrity. Who would like to work also vaccination-free, should come with its employer into the discussion and to the fact that an infection protection can be represented also by other suitable measures than by a vaccination in sufficient measure.

For example, it is reasonable for employees to wear mouth-to-nose coverings, as well as to observe distance regulations or to disinfect hands or work surfaces. Those who want to work vaccine-free could also make their employer an offer to have themselves tested regularly for the Corona virus. Quite a few companies give employees who want to work without vaccinations the opportunity to do so themselves. In addition, employees who wish to work vaccine-free must not be discredited in relation to vaccinated colleagues. Employers should therefore take care not to make public in their own company which employees have been vaccinated and which have not. This prevents unnecessary exclusion and stigmatization and makes it much easier to work without vaccinations.


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