Impffrei Arbeit – Jobsuche ohne Impfzwang

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Immer häufiger wird der Impfstatus bei der Jobsuche nicht nur thematisiert, sondern zum Problem. Wer sich fragt, was die Jobsuche mit Gesundheitsvorsorge zu tun hat, ist sicherlich aktuell nicht auf der Suche nach einem Arbeitsplatz. Doch auch wer heute einen Arbeitsplatz innehat, muss häufiger damit rechnen, dass der Arbeiter Impfdruck aufbauen könnte und plötzlich nach […]

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Vaccine-free job market

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The Corona Pandemic has also turned working life upside down. Many people have lost their jobs or had to apply for short-time work. Even for self-employed and freelancers, coping with the consequences of the Corona Pandemic is anything but easy. For job seekers, who do not want to be vaccinated for understandable and different reasons, […]

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vaccine free work

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Non-vaccinated employees have to observe a number of things, but should not feel restricted or otherwise discriminated against in the workplace. Vaccine-free work is therefore an issue in Germany, but also within the countries of the European Union, which also concerns works councils and, of course, employers. The latter are particularly required to understand and […]

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work vaccine free

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Anyone who is critical of the Corona vaccination or of the subject of vaccination in general, for very different reasons, should also consider this from the point of view of employers and employees. Especially in the working world, it is important for people who do not want to be vaccinated against Corona for various reasons […]

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Jobs From Not-Vaxxed